Introducting “Reframed” de primeur op Event16.

Elk jaar zoekt Tentworx een veel belovende ontwerper die de uitdaging aangaat om met bestaande materialen van Tentworx een nieuw product te ontwerpen.

“Reframed” is een bijzondere samenwerking tussen Tijn van Orsouw en Tentworx.

Over Tijn van Orsouw, Changing the meaning of things

“I always dreamed to take over control of the products around us.
Since I was young I told myself where products where used for.
Climbing trees with safety belts, walking beer boxes, Lego to open my curtains, pans for sledges. These days I still think this way of working can be really interesting. I have a really busy alter ego that sometimes takes control when I’m using an object’s function for another function. Existing objects can be used in a different way to arrive at new original products.”

Thijn van OrsowTijn van Orsouw
Born in 1988 in Berkel-Enschot, The Netherlands. Tijn finished his Mbo of Threedimensional Design & Communication at Sint Lucas in 2009. In the same year he started his bachelor degree, Product Design at ArtEZ institue of Arts, Arnhem.



Met trots presenteren Tentworx en Tijn van Orsouw deze prachtige primeur op Event16. Kom kijken!